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Radioactive Waste

Requirements for the transport or disposal of radioactive wastes in Texas.
Applying for a Radioactive Material License
Licensing review process, public notice, and forms to be used by all persons or businesses who wish to handle, process, store radioactive waste, or recover source material in Texas.
Compact LLRW Disposal Rate
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is charged with establishing Texas Compact low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) disposal fees by rule.
Contacting the TCEQ about Radioactive Material
Address, phone, and fax numbers for staff in the Radioactive Materials division.
Disposing of X-Ray Equipment in Texas
Instructions for disassembling X-ray equipment, checking components for PCBs, and properly disposing of the components.
Radioactive Material Disposal: Mixed Waste
Defines "mixed waste" (in the context of rules for radioactive wastes) and summarizes requirements for its disposal in Texas.
Radioactive Material Processing and Storage
Application forms and regulatory guidance for applying for a license to process or store radioactive by-product material.
Radioactive Material: Rules and Statutes
Links to rules that are relevant to the disposal of radioactive material waste in Texas.
Radioactive Waste Disposal: Inspection, Enforcement and Complaints
Inspection requirements for sites licensed for radioactive waste. Agency enforcement requirements and how to make a complaint.
Radioactive Waste Disposal: Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Defines "low-level radioactive waste" and summarizes the responsibilities of various federal and state agencies with respect to its disposal.
Radioactive Waste Disposal: Materials That Are Exempt or Below Regulatory Concern
Information about materials that are radioactive but under the law do not require special handling, care, or regulations. Links to related Web pages and contacts at the appropriate agencies.
Radioactive Waste Disposal: Options for Disposal
Options to dispose of radioactive wastes generated in Texas. Includes links to facilities that handle radioactive wastes and to radioactive waste brokers.
Radioactive Waste Disposal: Remediation/Decommissioning
Process to follow to close a facility that had received radioactive materials for disposal. Links to TCEQ's remediation/decommissioning rules, guidance document, and to federal guidance documents.
Radioactive Waste Disposal: Tailings Impoundments
List of the three conventional uranium mills or tailings impoundments in Texas, the operators, and the county where each is located. These sites are classified as disposal sites for by-product material.
Radioactive-Waste Disposal: NORM Disposal
Defines "naturally occurring radioactive material" and links to TCEQ rules and guidance relevant to the disposal in Texas of wastes that contain these materials.