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Pending License Application Information: Radioactive Materials

Find applicant information, public notice documents, and plain language summaries in English and alternative languages for pending radioactive material license applications.

For a new radioactive material license, renewal or major amendment, applicants are required to publish notice and provide plain language summaries for license applications declared administratively complete on or after May 1, 2022, in accordance with 30 TAC Chapter 39 Subchapter H. These documents are available in English and may be required in alternative languages.

Table 1. Radioactive Material License Applications: Applicant information and license documents for pending applications.

Applicant Name Facility Name Application Type and Authorization Number Documents Available
URI INC Upper Spring Creek ISR Project Major Amendment, License No. R03653

Plain Language Summary English R03653

Notice of Admin Complete English R03653

Waste Control Specialists, LLC Waste Control Specialists 

Renewal, License No. R04100

Plain Language Summary English R04100

Notice of Admin Complete English R04100 

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