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Sludge Permits and Registrations

Regulatory requirements for anyone who generates, transports, or disposes of sludge or sludge wastes in Texas.

Disposal or Use

Sewage Sludge: Am I Regulated?
Lists activities involved in the disposal or use of sewage sludge, water treatment plant sludge, and domestic septage that require permitting from, registration with, or notification of the TCEQ. Links to pages with more complete information on requirements for each activity.

Municipal Liquid Waste Disposal
Requirements that must be met for the landfill disposal of sludge wastes in Texas. Links to related information.

Transporting Sludge

Sludge Transporters: Am I Regulated?
What is the Sludge Transporter Registration Program? Do the rules apply to you?

Sludge Transporter Query
How to find information about sludge operations in the Central Registry.

Sludge Transporter Registration
Information on the registration process and what documentation you will need to register as a sludge transporter.

Sludge Transporter Reporting
Information on reporting requirements for sludge transporters, including record keeping and annual summary reports.