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Municipal Liquid Waste Disposal

Requirements for disposing of sludge and other liquid wastes from municipal sources in a landfill. Links to related information.

Processing Before Disposal in a Landfill

Sludges, grease trap waste, grit trap waste, and other liquid wastes from municipal sources generally must be processed before disposal. The liquid portion separated during processing may be discharged to an authorized wastewater treatment facility, or into a public sewer system in accordance with applicable rules and any additional requirements set forth by the treatment facility or by the local government entity.

Disposing of Processed Liquid Waste in a Landfill

Waste solids produced by a municipal liquid waste processing facility can be accepted for disposal at a Type I municipal solid waste landfill if the material has been tested and certified to contain no free liquids.

Alternatives to Disposal in a Landfill

Some municipal liquid wastes may be composted, recycled, or applied to the land for beneficial use.

Contact MSW Permits Section

Please contact the MSW Permits Section if you have questions about disposal of liquid waste from municipal sources.