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Sewage Sludge and Biosolids: Permits for Land Application, Processing, or Disposal

Permits to land-apply or dispose of sewage sludge or biosolids from wastewater treatment plants. Links to relevant forms, rules and reporting requirements. Also information about transferring this permit.

You must obtain a permit from the TCEQ before you do any of the following with sewage sludge or biosolids:

You must file summary reports regularly with the TCEQ if you engage in any of these activities. To transfer a permit, you must submit an application Microsoft Word Document to the TCEQ and obtain approval.

To Obtain a Permit to Process, Dispose, or Incinerate Sewage Sludge or Biosolids

Complete application/pdfTCEQ Form 00744Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, Application for Permit to Process, Surface Dispose, or Incinerate Sewage Sludge or Biosolids. (Follow the application/pdfinstructionsAdobe Acrobat PDF Document.)

To Obtain a Permit to Beneficially Apply Class B Biosolids to Land

Spanish language templates:

Summary Reports

Print out and complete Quarterly Biosolids Summary Report Form(Class B) Microsoft Word Document and Annual Biosolids Summary Report Form(Class B)Microsoft Word Document.

Also follow the related reporting requirements.

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