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Monitoring and Reporting Stormwater Discharges from Industrial Facilities

Requirements for monitoring and reporting contaminant levels in stormwater discharges under Multi-Sector General Permit TXR050000.

Use the appropriate discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) listed below if you are covered under the Multi-Sector General Permit (TXR050000) and are required to record analytical data for effluent monitoring kept onsite. Keep these monitoring results on-site with the stormwater pollution prevention plan. Some dischargers will also need to submit their monitoring data electronically, as described below, under “When do DMRs need to be submitted to TCEQ?”

HOTUPDATEEpisodic Waiver from Electronic Reporting in NetDMR from January 31, 2022 to April 1, 2022

UPDATE Please Note: Effective August 14, 2021, the MSGP requires permittees to submit all analytical results for determining compliance with effluent limitations and benchmark monitoring electronically using the online NetDMRExit the TCEQ reporting system. However, the NetDMR reporting system is not yet ready to accept data from MSGP permittees. Therefore, TCEQ is implementing an Episodic Waiver from electronic reporting in NetDMR for all MSGP permittees.

MSGP permittees must submit paper (DMRs) by mail to:

TCEQ (MC 213)
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087

Paper DMRs must be submitted to TCEQ by March 31, 2022.

Reporting of analytical results for compliance with effluent limitations and benchmark monitoring for the 2022 calendar year MSGP monitoring periods will be required to be submitted electronically in the NetDMR reporting system by March 31, 2023. TCEQ anticipates that the NetDMR system will be available for these submittals as early as Summer 2022.

The following reports are in Portable Document Format (PDF). (Help with PDF.)

When do DMRs need to be submitted to TCEQ?

DMRs are to be submitted to TCEQ electronically by March 31 of each year in the following cases:

  1. Any non-compliance with an effluent limit for any of the hazardous metals required in Part III.C.1 of this permit, shall be recorded on a DMR and reported in NetDMR at a frequency of once per year.
  2. All results of sampling for effluent limits in accordance with Part V of the permit (Sector-specific requirements in Sectors A, C, D, E, J, or O) must be reported in NetDMR regardless of if there was an exceedance or not.

How do I submit my DMRs electronically?

Note* See Noted above for information on NetDMR submittal.

Permittees required to submit DMR results electronically must do so through the NetDMRExit the TCEQ reporting system. For more information about the NetDMR reporting system, visit the TCEQ NetDMR help page.

What about Benchmark Monitoring?

Not all sectors are required to conduct benchmark monitoring. Those sectors which are required to conduct benchmark monitoring are listed in Part IV of the Multi-Sector General Permit for Industrial Stormwater Discharges. For more information, refer to the Benchmark Monitoring Data Analyses webpage.

For more information, refer to application/pdfGeneral Permit TXR050000Adobe Acrobat PDF Document. The Small Business and Local Government Assistance MSGP sampling guide is currently under revision. An updated 2021 MSGP sampling guide will be posted here at a later date.

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