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Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) with an Approved Pretreatment Program

Establishing, operating, and sustaining a TPDES wastewater pretreatment program for a publicly owned treatment works (POTW). Local limits. When and how to make modifications. Reporting requirements.


Who Must Develop an Approved Wastewater Pretreatment Program?
Who must develop an approved treatment program for a publicly-owned treatment works.

Annual Reporting Requirements for Approved Pretreatment Programs
Annual reporting requirements of publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) for an approved TPDES pretreatment program.

Establishing an Approved Wastewater Pretreatment Program: The Key Elements
Steps to follow in establishing an approved wastewater pretreatment program.

Implementing an Approved Pretreatment Program: Requirements to Meet
Minimum requirements of publicly owned treatment works for an approved Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program for the pretreatment of wastewater.

Modifying Your Approved Pretreatment Program
Definition of substantial and non-substantial modifications to approved TPDES pretreatment programs for POTWs.

Developing and Reassessing Technically Based Local Limits (TBLLs)
Information on how and when to reassess your TBLLs. Link to form needed to reassess your TBLLs.