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Wastewater Pretreatment: Requirements and Options


Hot Topic New Wastewater Rules for Dental Offices

The TCEQ is proposing to amend 30 Texas Administrative Code §305.541 to incorporate by reference the Dental Office Pretreatment Standards (40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 441) final rule that became effective on July 14, 2017. Click here for the information on the pending rule proposal. The final rule requires that all non-exempt dental offices that discharge wastewater to a publicly owned wastewater utility submit one-time compliance report (OTCR) information to their Control Authority (CA). The CA may be their local, publicly owned wastewater utility or in some cases the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Offices opened after July 14, 2017, are considered new facilities and must implement the rule requirements immediately and have 90 days after first discharge of wastewater to submit the OTCR to their CA. A new facility that transfers ownership has 90 days to submit an OTCR within 90 days of the ownership transfer date.

Offices opened on or before July 14, 2017, have until July 14, 2020, to comply with the rule, and submit an OTCR to their CA by October 12, 2020. If ownership is transferred after July 15, 2020, the new owner has 90 days after the transfer date to send the OTCR to their CA.

The TCEQ is in the process of developing a webpage for dental offices to learn who their CA is and where to send their OTCR information. The TCEQ is developing an OTCR form that can be submitted to the TCEQ if the TCEQ is the CA. For additional information, please visit the EPA Dental Effluent Guidelines website or contact the Pretreatment Team at 512-239-4671.

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