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Concho River Watermaster Program

The Concho River Watermaster Program administers water rights in the Concho River segment of the Colorado River Basin.

Temporary water right applications should be submitted directly to our Watermaster email box at

Please submit any payments for temporary water right applications to:

TCEQ Central Office
Mail Code 160, PO Box 13087
Austin, Texas 78711-3087
Epay is also available to electronically submit payments for temporary water use permits for up to 10 acre-feet and up to one calendar year.


The Concho River Watermaster Program is responsible for an area that encompasses 8 counties in west Texas.

River Basin Counties
Concho River segment of the Colorado Basin Irion, Runnels, Sterling, Coke, Reagan, Tom Green, Schleicher, Concho

Two field deputies patrol these counties from an office located in San Angelo. That means the deputies oversee a constantly changing, dynamic surface-water system of rivers and tributaries that allow diversions as water is available and as it passes individual diversion points.

Duties of the Watermaster

Duties include:

  • informing individuals and groups as needed about water rights and other surface water availability matters;
  • allocating water per the adjudicated water rights;
  • tracking the amount of water that is authorized and used;
  • monitoring stream flow and reservoir levels within the basin;
  • enforcing compliance with water rights;
  • responding to complaints.

The watermaster will also oversee situations where a diversion would remove water that rightfully belongs to another user. In that case the watermaster could, if needed, notify the user with lower priority to reduce or stop pumping. When streamflows diminish, the watermaster will allocate available water among the water right holders according to each user’s priority date.

Water Diverter Responsibilities

A diverter is any water right holder, agent, or contractual buyer who impounds, takes, diverts, or transports water in a watercourse, or makes a dedicated release of state water. Diverters in the watermaster area will be responsible for:

  • Installing a measuring device
  • Notifying the watermaster before diverting water
  • Submitting a report when pumping is completed
  • Complying with the rules of the Commission

Fees for Water Right Holders

Water right holders will be required to pay an annual fee. Each account will be assessed a base fee (currently $50) plus a use fee based on the type of use and amount of water authorized in the permit.

Forms and Documents

Authorized Agent/Diverter Form

Concho River Watermaster Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

This Watermaster Program was established by House Bill 2815, passed in the Regular Session, 79th Legislature, 2005. This legislation added Subchapter K to Chapter 11 of the Texas Water Code.


Concho River Watermaster
622 South Oakes, Suite K
San Angelo, Texas 76903-7035</span > Voice: 1-866-314-4894 Fax: 325-658-5431 E-mail: