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Water Districts

Information about creating, funding, or managing a Water District in Texas.

Each application for a creation of a district, a conversion of a district, and/or a request for additional powers (including road powers) filed with the TCEQ will be required to include a list of each Senate District and House District in which the district is located (or proposed to be located). Additionally, documentation will be required to be provided demonstrating that the applicant and/or petitioner has also notified each Senator and Representative in whose respective Senate and/or House District the district is located (or proposed to be located) of their filing of one of the aforementioned applications. Failure to do so may cause delays in the application being declared administratively complete.

A water district is a local, governmental entity that provides limited services to its customers and residents. Examples of water districts include municipal utility districts, water control and improvement districts, special utility districts, and river authorities.

The TCEQ is responsible for general supervision and oversight of water districts, including:

  • Monitoring water district activities and their compliance with state laws.
  • Providing information to district customers, consultants, board members, and employees.
  • Reviewing applications and petitions for appointment to district boards.
  • Reviewing the issuance of bonds that finance certain district infrastructure.

Water District Database (WDD)

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The Water District Database (WDD) is a collection of data from water districts and public drinking water systems that submit information to the TCEQ. Use the WDD to search for the names of districts, their addresses, the counties in which they are located, the status of their applications, or maps of their service areas. The WDD also provides a report showing the status of TCEQ reviews of engineering plans and exceptions for public water systems.

The Water District Database does not contain analyses of water quality for public water systems. See the Drinking Water Watch database to learn more about the quality of your drinking water and your public water system’s compliance with state and federal regulations.

To have a better understanding of the WDD and how to successfully navigate it, use the Guide to the Water District DatabaseAdobe Acrobat PDF Document. Our database is updated weekly. With millions of records in it, you might find some information that is out of date or missing. If this happens or you have other questions please contact us.

Creating or Managing a Water District

Rules governing water districts are contained in Chapter 293Exit the TCEQ of the Texas Administrative Code.

Creating DistrictsExit the TCEQ as defined in the Texas Administrative Code.

Forms, Guides, and Rules for Water Districts
What information you need to submit to TCEQ for review, along with forms, general information, and guidance.

Revenue and Regulatory Assessment Reporting
Forms and guidance for reports related to fees and financial management.

Assistance for Public Water and Wastewater Systems
Free financial, managerial, and technical assistance to help public water and wastewater systems comply with regulations.

HOTWater District Advisory Workgroup
The Districts Advisory Workgroup provides an open forum to discuss TCEQ's water district processes and procedures.

NEWPetition to Change a Water District Meeting Location Adobe Acrobat PDF Document 
Information on changing the meeting location of your District's board meetings.

Districts can use TCEQ's online ePay system to pay their application filing fees and bond proceeds fee. See the ePayment Guidance for Districts for instructions on using the ePay system.

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