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Texas Clean Rivers Program: Data, Forms, and Map Resources

Surface water quality data, monitoring sites, data management procedures, maps, and GIS data related to surface water quality.

Data Management, Monitoring, and Maps


The information provided below includes lists of monitoring sites, parameters (water quality constituents) that may be collected at the monitoring sites, and the actual surface water quality data results.

  • Coordinated Monitoring Schedule Exit the TCEQ
    A list of selected surface water quality monitoring sites sampled each year under a TCEQ-approved Quality Assurance Project Plan.
  • Monitoring Stations
    A list of all historically-sampled TCEQ-approved monitoring stations in Texas with site descriptions and latitude/longitude coordinates.
  • Monitoring Parameters
    A list of monitoring parameters, or water quality constituents. Each constituent is assigned a unique parameter code for consistency in managing the data. A search tool allows the user to find parameter codes by typing in a description of the water quality constituent (e.g., dissolved oxygen) or by entering a known parameter code to find the official text description of the water quality constituent.
  • CRP Data Tool
    A map-based tool for viewing metadata associated with TCEQ monitoring stations.  Also available through the CRP Data Tool is the CRP Map Tool. For a list of commonly used parameter codes, see Chapter 6 Adobe Acrobat PDF Document of the Data Management Reference Guide.
  • SWQMIS Map Tool
    A map tool for extracting surface water quality data from the TCEQ's Surface Water Quality Monitoring Information System.
  • The CRP partner agencies maintain websites with water quality data for the river and coastal basins for which they are responsible.

Data Management Procedures

  • The Data Management Reference Guide provides instructions for preparing and submitting data to the TCEQ. There are chapters that include information on data qualifiers, reporting entities, forms, procedures, and file format.
  • The Data Checklist and Summary is used by Clean Rivers Program data providers to verify that their data sets meet TCEQ data formatting guidelines.
    Word Microsoft Word Document | PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
  • The process for Requesting New Monitoring Stations Adobe Acrobat PDF Document assists users of the Surface Water Quality Monitoring Information System (SWQMIS) in navigating the monitoring station module.

Maps and GIS Data

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