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Texas Clean Rivers Program: Data Management

Data management forms, procedures, and surface water quality data tools.

Data Management Procedures

The Data Management Reference Guide (DMRG) provides instructions for preparing and submitting data to TCEQ. There are chapters that include information on data qualifiers, reporting entities, forms, procedures, and file format.

To verify their data sets meet TCEQ data formatting guidelines, Clean Rivers Program (CRP) data providers use a Data Checklist and Summary, which varies by CRP Partner.

To request a new monitoring station, e-mail or call 512-239-6682 and ask to speak with a member of the Data Management and Analysis Team.

Data Tools and Resources

The information provided below includes tools for viewing monitoring stations and segments, and for extracting data from SWQMIS.

The CRP Partner Agencies maintain websites with water quality data for the river and coastal basins for which they are responsible.