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Red River Basin Recreational Use Attainability Analysis, Part 2

RUAAs for Iron Ore Creek, Choctaw Creek, Bois D’ Arc Creek, Smith Creek, and Mud Creek, Red River Basin.

Project Summary

Status: Completed; awaiting EPA approval

Basin Red River
Segment Names and Numbers Iron Ore Creek, 0202K; Choctaw Creek, 0202F; Bois D’ Arc Creek, 0202A; Smith Creek, 0202G; and Mud Creek,0201A
Counties Grayson, Fannin, Lamar, and Bowie
Recreational-Survey Report

The TCEQ has completed a report of its Recreational Use Attainability Analysis for this water body.

Public Review of Recreational-Survey Report

The comment period for the draft report has concluded. After the comment period on the draft report closed, the TCEQ used the comments to make an informed recommendation for the recreational-use category and criteria to include in the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards.

TCEQ Recommendations

There was a comment period after publishing the recommendation on recreational use. The TCEQ recommended the contact recreation use on Mud Creek, Bois D’Arc Creek, Choctaw Creek, Smith Creek, and Iron Ore Creek should be revised to secondary contact recreation 1. These use changes were included in the 2018 Texas Surface Water Quality Standards. The recommendations can be found here:

Final Outcome

The following recreation use changes are awaiting EPA approval:

  • Iron Ore Creek
  • Choctaw Creek
  • Bois D’Arc Creek
  • Smith Creek
  • Mud Creek

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Project Report

The RUAA for Iron Ore Creek, Choctaw Creek, Bois D’ Arc Creek, Smith Creek, and Mud Creek is available for download. The report is in PDF. Approximate file size is shown in parentheses.

For More Information

Additional information on the project is available at the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board’s project websiteExit the TCEQ

E-mail us at standards@tceq.texas.gov or see contact information for staff members.

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