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Recreational Use Attainability Analyses

RUAAs planned, in progress, or completed for Texas rivers and streams
Brazos River Recreational Use Attainability Analysis, Part 1

RUAAs for Allen’s Creek, Davidson Creek, Nolan Creek/South Nolan Creek, Leon River Below Proctor Lake, Resley Creek, South Leon River, Pecan Creek, Indian Creek, Plum Creek, Walnut Creek, Duncan Creek, Sweetwater Creek, Leon River Below Leon Reservoir, Armstrong Creek, Indian Creek, Sims Creek, Little Duffau Creek, Cottonwood Branch, Still Creek, Thompson Creek, Big Creek, Wasp Creek, Willis Creek, Mankins Branch, Upper North Bosque River, Goose Branch, North Fork Upper North Bosque River, Scarborough Creek, unnamed tributary of Goose Branch, unnamed tributary of Scarborough Creek, Woodhollow Branch, Brazos River Basin.