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Calendar for the TMDL Program

Dates for public meetings about projects of the TCEQ's Total Maximum Daily Load Program

stakeholder photo

Community volunteers at Corpus Christi's Earth Day / Bay Day event.

Check here for information about stakeholder meetings, opportunities to comment on proposed TMDLs or I-Plans, and requests for proposals on project contracts.

Public Meetings

Meetings about TMDL projects are open to everyone.

May 23, 2019. Stakeholders meeting regarding the TMDL, I-Plan, and a possible WPP for Oyster Creek.

May 24, 2019. Stakeholders meeting regarding a WPP for Arenosa Creek and Garcitas Creek.

June 13, 2019. Stakeholders meeting regarding the Bacteria Reduction Plan for Chocolate Bayou.

UPDATEJuly 11, 2019 (rescheduled from May 9). Stakeholders meeting about potential management measures for decreasing bacteria levels in the Brazos-Colorado Coastal Basin, including Caney Creek.

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Contact the TMDL Program

Call 512-239-6682, or send us an e-mail at tmdl@tceq.texas.gov. Join the TMDL News e-mail list for notices of TMDLs or I-Plans for public comment or adoption.

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