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News from the Texas TMDL Program

News announcements including proposed TMDLs or I-Plans for public comment, adopted TMDLs or approved I-Plans, and training opportunities.

Nelda Martinez, Corpus mayor, with kids at Earth Day/Bay Day

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Communities Working Together

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The TMDL Program sets targets for improved quality in surface waters. Communities in the watersheds work together to develop implementation plans (I-Plans) to achieve those targets.

See the Calendar for the TMDL Program for scheduled stakeholder meetings.

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Commission Adopts TMDLs

On May 18, 2022, the Commission adopted TMDLs for bacteria impairing the contact recreation use of Sandy Creek and Wolf Creek. Stakeholders are currently developing a regional I-Plan to implement the TMDLs. 

TCEQ Requesting Proposals for Nonpoint Source Pollution Projects

On June 1, 2022, TCEQ released its request for grant applications (RFGA) proposing projects to be funded under FY2023 Nonpoint Source grants. See the solicitation on Electronic State Business DailyExit the TCEQ. On their site, search using the solicitation number below.

  • Solicitation Name: RFGA FY 2023 Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Grant
  • Solicitation Number: 582-22-32781
  • Proposal Due Date: July 15, 2022, at 3:00 p.m. (Central Time)

Please direct questions by email to Wendy Foley at TCEQ. The deadline for questions is June 15, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. (Central Time). Questions must be submitted via email to Questions will not be accepted by phone. All questions must be labeled with the solicitation title, number, and due date. TCEQ has the sole discretion to choose whether or not to respond to such questions.

The NPS Program has posted instructions, along with a link to the RFGA, on the Nonpoint Source Program Grants webpage. There will be no pre-solicitation meeting for this RFGA.

Training, Events, and Workshops

Texas A&M offers several opportunities for training in various aspects of Watershed PlanningExit the TCEQ.

Texas Water Resources Institute offers training in Urban Riparian and Stream RestorationExit the TCEQ.

Texas AgriLife's Watershed Steward ProgramExit the TCEQ offers an online courseExit the TCEQ.

Contact the TMDL Program

Please email or call 512-239-6682.

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Communities Working Together