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Emissions Banking and Trading of Allowances Program

The EBTA program is a market-based cap-and-trade program that implements annual nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide emission caps for grandfathered and electing electric generating facilities (EGFs) in the State of Texas.


Program participants are required to use allowances to cover NOx or SO2 emissions on an annual basis. The allowances available for use each year are capped at a level necessary to achieve a 50% reduction in NOx and a 25% reduction in SO2 from the total emissions reported to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Acid Rain Program in 1997. Participation from applicable grandfathered EGFs and electing EGFs (i.e., those which have voluntarily elected to participate in the EBTA program) is mandatory.

For more information, including applicability requirements, refer to 30 TAC Chapter 101, Subchapter H, Division 2Exit arrow Exit the TCEQ and Chapter 116, Subchapter IExit the TCEQ.Exit arrow

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Audits and Summary Reports

  • 2011 Audit Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
    Evaluated environmental impacts, program participation, and allowance transfers.
  • Trade Report Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
    List of approved allowance trades.