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Emission Reduction Credit Program

The Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) program provides a method to generate credit by creating permanent emission reductions in nonattainment areas throughout the State of Texas.

The ERC program allows participants to generate credits by creating permanent emission reductions from stationary, area, and mobile sources in nonattainment areas. Reductions generated from stationary and area sources are known as ERCs while reductions from mobile sources are known as Mobile ERCs (MERCs). This program encourages emission reductions and provides participants flexibility in complying with various federal and state air regulations. Participation is completely voluntary.

Program rules are listed under 30 TAC Chapter 101, Subchapter H, Division 1 .

Featured Items

ERC Generation Application Tools

  • ERC Generation Workbook

The Emissions Banking and Trading Program has released Version 1.0 of the ERC Generation General Workbook. This interactive workbook is a tool available for point and area source ERC Generation projects to streamline the review process. As you answer questions in the workbook, data fields adjust so that you can only see sections that are applicable to your project.

At this time, we strongly encourage you to start submitting the ERC Generation General Workbook with your Application to benefit from this new, efficient project review process. Starting on October 1, 2022, all ERC Generation Applications must include the ERC Generation General Workbook. Applications with the workbook attached must be submitted through STEERS.

The workbook is assigned versions (the number before the decimal) and patches (the number after the decimal). New versions will be posted when something major has changed and the application materials would be inaccurate without the update. Patches will be posted for minor updates. When submitting your workbook, you can submit any workbook with the most recent version number, even if there are subsequent patch numbers.

Please note, the workbook is compatible with Excel 2016 and newer and you can create a free Microsoft account .

ERC Generation General Workbook Videos

YouTube logo The links below point to the TCEQ YouTube Channel.



Audits and Summary Reports

  • Generation Report - Includes the generator of the credits, amount generated, area of generation, pollutant type, credit expiration date, and associated project number.
  • Use Report - Includes the user of the credits, amount used, area of use, pollutant type, and associated project number.
  • Trade Report - List of recent emission credit transfers.