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Radioactive Waste Disposal: Options for Disposal

Options to dispose of radioactive wastes generated in Texas. Includes links to facilities that handle radioactive wastes and to radioactive waste brokers.

To dispose of radioactive waste generated in Texas, first be sure to categorize the waste properly. Is it:

If the waste must be disposed of as LLRW consider sending it to an LLRW broker. These brokers collect LLRW from various sources until they have larger, more cost-effective, quantities to ship to a licensed LLRW disposal facility. There is a National Directory of Brokers and ProcessorsExit the TCEQweb site that lists brokers and processors active in the Unitied States.

If the waste is categorized as non-oil and gas NORM or mixed low-level radioactive waste, then contact one of the licensed radioactive waste disposal facilities listed on the National Directory of Brokers and Processorsweb site to see whether their license allows them to receive the type of waste in question.

Contact the Radioactive Materials Division if you have any questions.