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Waste Control Specialists Radioactive Material License R04100

Links to documents relevant to Waste Control Specialists LLC (WCS) license to authorize the disposal of low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) in Andrews County, Texas.

WCS holds a license for the disposal of LLRW and the storage and processing of radioactive materials at their facility in Andrews County. Questions or comments may be directed to the TCEQ Radioactive Materials Division by telephone at (512) 239-6466 or email

Current License

Amendment No. 38 application/pdfLicense issued on January 21, 2022, and application/pdfTechnical Summary.

Contract Review Documents

Under Texas Health and Safety Code §401.2456 and 30 TAC §336.1317, contracts for the disposal of LLRW are subject to review by the TCEQ.

Expedited Review Process and Forms

TCEQ has streamlined the processes for submitting, reviewing, and monitoring nonparty LLRW contracts, and developed a sample compliance certification form.

application/pdfNonparty LLRW Disposal Contracts Guidance

application/pdfSample Compliance Certification Form

Guidance Documents

application/pdfMinimum Pricing Guidance

application/pdfMinimum Pricing Guidance Definitions

Contract Review Process and Forms

application/pdfInstructions for Submittal of LLRW Contract

application/pdfCustomer Nonparty Waste - Certification for Disposal Contract Template

application/pdfWCS Nonparty Waste - Certification for Disposal Contract Template

application/pdfSummary/Amendment of a LLRW Contract Template

application/pdfWCS Party Waste Certification Template


Information for Waste Generators

A Waste Generator Disposal Guide webpage is available to assist generators in the commercial disposal of LLRW at the WCS facility in Andrews County.