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Industrial and Hazardous Waste Permits - Renewal Application

Applying to renew a permit for an existing industrial or hazardous waste facility.

The procedures for renewing a solid waste permit are found in Title 30, Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 305 Subchapter DExit the TCEQ.

Please allow up to 450 days for the TCEQ to process your application. You can find the application forms at Industrial and Hazardous Waste Forms and Guidance.

The TCEQ adopted amendments to 30 TAC 39, Public Notice, requiring newspaper notice in an alternative language for certain permit applications. These rule amendments were adopted and became effective November 30, 2005. Applications filed on or after that date are subject to the requirements for alternative language newspaper notices. A checklist for determining whether the alternative language notice requirement applies to a particular hazardous and/or industrial solid waste permit application is included in the TCEQ Part A and Part B hazardous waste permit applications. These forms, along with the notice language templates translated into Spanish, and the Public Notice Verification Form are available in Industrial and Hazardous Waste Forms and Guidance.

Here is a summary of the administrative process to renew a permit. Application forms are available in Industrial and Hazardous Waste Forms and Guidance:

  • As described under 30 TAC Chapter 39Exit the TCEQ and 30 TAC 335.391Exit the TCEQ, we encourage you to hold a pre-application meeting with the public to allow both you and the public an opportunity to identify potential issues. You are also encouraged to hold a pre-application meeting with us and notify us of your intent to file a renewal application;
  • If applicable and necessary, submit an original updated Part A application form plus 3 full copies (to determine if you need this, see 30 TAC 305 42(d), 51(a), or 51(b)Exit the TCEQ);
  • Submit an original Part B application or Permit Application to Store or Process Industrial Nonhazardous Waste, whichever is applicable, plus 3 full copies, and include at least:
    • 6 additional copies of Section I: General Information of the application;
    • a map indicating the boundaries of all adjacent parcels of land with the names and mailing addresses of all the adjacent landowners and other nearby landowners who might consider themselves affected by the activities described by this application. The map should be a USGS map, a city or county plat, or another map, sketch, or drawing with a scale adequate enough to show the affected landowners;
    • a completed Core Data Form. (Instructions for completing the Core Data Form); and
    • the Part B Administrative and Technical Evaluation Checklist (TCEQ-00136) on CD or DVD;
    • The following information in regards to the application fee: check number, date of check, and check amount.
      Please do not submit a photocopy of the actual check (or equivalent transaction submittal) with your application.
  • Prepare a mailing list identifying all persons specified in 30 TAC 39.13Exit the TCEQ;
  • Submit the mailing list, the Part A application, if required, the Part B application, and the information listed above in regards to the check, by certified mail or other means that establish proof of delivery to

Waste Permits Division (MC-130)
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087

  • At the same time you submit the permit application, send a letter transmitting a check for the renewal applicaton fee to the TCEQ Financial Administration Division at the address below. Be sure to refer to the Facility's Solid Waste Registration Number in the transmittal letter.

Financial Administration Division (MC-214)
PO Box 13088
Austin, TX 78711-3088

  • The application will receive two reviews: administrative and technical;
  • After the application is determined to be administratively complete, place a copy of the permit application and supporting documents in a location accessible to the public in the vicinity of the permitted facility;
  • We will send notice that the application is administratively complete and available for public review by first-class mail to all persons listed in 30 TAC 39.13Exit the TCEQ;
  • At the conclusion of the technical review, we will prepare a technical summary which sets forth the principal facts and the significant factual, legal, methodological, and policy questions considered in preparing the draft permit. We shall send this summary together with the draft permit to you, EPA, and on request, to any other person;
  • After all comments regarding the initial draft permit are received, we will draft the final permit;
  • Additional notice language, and instructions, will be provided to the applicant by the agency within 10 working days of completion of the final draft permit. As set out in 30 TAC 39.503Exit the TCEQ, publication of the notice opens a public comment period. We must also notify all persons listed in 30 TAC 39.13Exit the TCEQ; and
  • Within 10 working days of determining the outcome of the final draft permit, we must notify all persons all persons listed in 30 TAC 39.13Exit the TCEQ and all persons who submitted written comments on the final draft of our decision to approve or deny the permit.

Contact us if you have any questions.