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Industrial and Hazardous Waste Forms and Guidance

Guidance and forms for Industrial and Hazardous Waste permit applications, public notices, and fee reports, as well as instructional documents and tools.

Permit Applications

Public Notices Guidance

Verification Forms

Use these forms to verify that you have issued a public notice for each instance below.

      • Class 2 Public Notice Language Example Microsoft Word Document
      • Public Notice for Notice of Receipt and Intent (NORI):
        Use this form to verify that you have notified the public of your intent to apply for a permit.
      • Public Notice for Notice of Application and Preliminary Decision (NAPD):
        Use this form to verify that you have notified the public of the application and preliminary decision for a draft permit.
      • NORI and NAPD in Spanish for:
        • Class 3 Modification Applications to Industrial and Hazardous Waste Permits
        • New, Renewal, or Major Amendment Hazardous Waste Permit Applications
        • Post-Closure Care Orders

Instructional Documents and Tools

Monthly Summary and Payment Report Forms for Waste Management Fees for Facilities

As authorized by 30 Texas Administrative Code §335.331(c), operators of waste management facilities submitting late reports concerning the management of waste under the Health and Safety Code, §361.136 are subject to a civil penalty of $100 for each day the violation continues.Commercial Hazardous Waste Management Fees (TCEQ-20543) Adobe Acrobat PDF Document