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Medical Waste: Regulated Activities and Requirements

Regulatory and application requirements for treating, transferring, transporting, recordkeeping, and storing medical waste.

Medical Waste Generators

Requirements for generators who transport, store, transfer, or treat medical waste.

Transporting Medical Waste

Requirements for transportation units, packaging, labeling, and shipping medical waste, and related recordkeeping requirements for medical waste transporters.

Storing Medical Waste

Requirements for facilities that store medical waste received from off-site sources.

Transferring Medical Waste

Requirements for transferring untreated medical waste between transportation units within the premises of a registered transfer facility.

Treating Medical Waste

Requirements for generators who treat medical waste on-site, operators of mobile on-site treatment units, and off-site treatment facilities.

Disposing of Medical Waste

Medical waste that has been treated may be managed as routine municipal solid waste and disposed of in a municipal solid waste Type I or Type IAE landfill.

Contact MSW Permits Section

Contact the MSW Permits Section if you have questions about managing medical waste.