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Managing Medical Waste On-site and Off-site

Explanation of the terms on-site and off-site regarding generation and management of medical waste.


Medical waste managed on property that is owned or effectively controlled by one entity and that is within 75 miles of the point of generation or generated at an affiliated facility is considered to be managed on-site in accordance with Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Subsection 326.3(29) [30 TAC 326.3(29) ].

  • An "affiliated facility" is a health care-related facility that generates a medical waste that is routinely stored, processed, or disposed of on a shared basis in an integrated medical waste management unit owned, operated by a hospital, and located within a contiguous health care complex [30 TAC 326.3(2) ].


Any medical waste management practice that does not meet the criteria for on-site is considered to be off-site management.

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