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Cost Estimates for Municipal Solid Waste Financial Assurance

Links to information and forms relating to cost estimates and financial assurance for municipal solid waste facilities.

Submit Documents Electronically

To streamline incoming document processing and review, please submit applications, reports, and other documents to the Municipal Solid Waste Permits Section electronically by email or via the TCEQ secure FTP site (TCEQ FTPS), in addition to submitting paper copies.

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Closure and Post-Closure Care Cost Estimates for Landfills

Corrective Action Cost Estimates for Landfills

  • Rules – 30 TAC 330.501 and 330.509
    The owner or operator of a municipal solid waste management unit required to undertake corrective action under 30 TAC 330.415 must prepare a written cost estimate and provide financial assurance for the cost of hiring a third party to perform the corrective action.

Closure Cost Estimates for Storage and Processing Units

Financial Assurance

Contact MSW Permits Section

Contact the MSW Permits Section if you have questions about cost estimates for municipal solid waste facilities.