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Municipal Solid Waste Site Operating Plans

A site operating plan is required for all permitted and registered municipal solid waste facilities. A site operating plan discusses how an owner or operator will conduct daily operations at a facility, and includes information about functions and qualifications of personnel, and equipment to be used.

Site Operating Plan (SOP) Templates

Template for Type IAE and Type IVAE Landfills

Template for Transfer Station Facilities

Site Operating Plan Rules

  • Requirement to have a site operating plan—Title 30 Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC), Chapter 330, Section 330.65Exit the TCEQ
  • Operational standards for municipal solid waste landfills—30 TAC Chapter 330, Subchapter DExit the TCEQ
  • Operational standards for municipal solid waste storage and processing units—30 TAC Chapter 330, Subchapter EExit the TCEQ

Contact MSW Permits Section

Please contact the MSW Permits Section if you have questions about municipal solid waste site operating plans.