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Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) Non-substantial Change Notices for Large CAFOs

Non-Substantial Change to the Terms of the Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) – Applicable to Large CAFOs.

  1. Authorized maximum capacity of animals: decrease the number of head of the confined species. You will submit a manure production characteristics table as part of the supporting document.
  2. Land management units (LMUs):
    • remove LMUs (the parcel of land will no longer be used for land application)
    • decrease the acreage of existing LMUs
    • reconfigure existing LMUs without adding any new land Facility maps and the NMP will be updated and submitted with the NOC. You will also submit the laboratory reports for soil, manure and wastewater analyses that were used for the NMP. 
  3. Crops/yield goals: remove crops/yield goals from the list of alternative crops and yield goals that was previously approved for the CAFO site. You will submit the new list and note what crops/yield goals will be removed.

How to Apply

You will submit a notice of change form (TCEQ 20511) and submit the supporting documents as indicated in the NOC form.

Executive Director’s Review

The TCEQ will review the proposed change, and if it is determined to be a non-substantial change to the terms of the NMP, the NOC will be approved, and the notice will be posted to this webpage.

Notices for non-substantial changes to the terms of the NMP for authorizations under the CAFO general permit can be found below, sorted by year.