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New Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO): Obtaining Coverage Under General Permit TXG920000

Steps to qualify and apply for coverage for a new CAFO under this water quality general permit.

Before you begin to apply for coverage under this general permit, be sure that you qualify for it.

To obtain coverage under the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) General Permit, follow these steps:

  1. Read general permit TXG920000 to make sure it applies to your situation. (Help with PDF.)
  2. Prepare a Pollution Prevention Plan. For more details, see Part III of the general permit (TXG920000).
  3. Consider scheduling a pre-application conference with TCEQ permitting staff. They will be available to discuss your proposal and help you determine what type of authorization you need as well as what information should go into an application package.
  4. Submit a notification package, which includes:
    • Notice of Intent (NOI) Form TCEQ – 20111
    • Core Data Form (TCEQ-10400) - Instructions to Fill Core Data Form (TCEQ-10400-inst)
    • Nutrient Management Plan (Not Applicable to State Only CAFOs)
    • Technical Report Form (Included in TCEQ-20111)
    • Supporting Documents (includes but not limited to complete engineering design calculations including waste production calculations for the proposed head count and retention control structures (RCS) design, Laboratory reports for manure, effluent and soil analysis, RCS liner and capacity certifications (if applicable), NRCS Soils Map for the site, driller well logs if within 500 feet of the property)
    • One original and one copy of the application (to the Water Quality Application Review and Processing Team at the address on the NOI application)
    • One copy of the application (to the TCEQ regional office in the region where the facility is built)

Our staff will review the NOI when we receive it. If we find that your application is complete, we will send you a public notice.

  1. You must have this notice published in the local newspaper. By the date this notice is published, you must also put a copy of the application, the technical summary, General Permit TXG920000, and the Executive Director's Preliminary Decision in a public building for viewing—for example, in the county courthouse, county extension agent's office, or a public library. This begins a public comment period that lasts 30 days—perhaps longer if a public meeting is requested.

  2. During the public comment period, the general public may submit comments to the Office of the Chief Clerk or request a public meeting. If a public meeting is required, then you must publish notice the meeting at least 30 days before it is held.

  3. After considering the public comments received, our executive director will approve or deny the NOI based on whether the NOI and technical application meet the requirements of this general permit. If your coverage under this general permit is approved, we will send you a confirmation that assigns your authorization number. You must not begin to build or operate your CAFO before you have received this written authorization. If your coverage is denied, we will notify you.

If you have questions, please see our Contact Page or e-mail us at