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Water Discharges from Aquaculture Facilities: Am I Regulated?

Determine if your aquaculture facility needs a permit to discharge wastewater.

If you plan to discharge wastewater into or adjacent to water in the state from an aquaculture facility or a related aquaculture activity, then you need an environmental permit. The two types of permits available for this activity are a general permit or an individual permit.

General Permit TXG130000

Review General Permit TXG130000 Microsoft Word Document to determine if it applies to your facility. If you think, after reading the permit, that this general permit might be appropriate for you, continue to Applying for Coverage under the Aquaculture General Permit TXG130000 to learn more and see how to apply.

Individual Permit

If you don't qualify for coverage under the general permit, you must apply for an individual permit for these discharges.

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