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Applying for Coverage under the Aquaculture General Permit TXG130000

Requirements for obtaining coverage under General Permit TXG130000 to discharge wastewater from an aquaculture facility. Links to the permit, relevant forms, and instructions.

Before discharging into or adjacent to water in the state of Texas, you must do the following:

1. Review your facility's compliance history ranking (HTML)

a. If your facility has a ranking of “high performer”, “satisfactory performer,” or "inadequate information," continue with Item 2.

b. If the compliance history ranking is “unsatisfactory performer,” then your facility is not eligible for coverage under a general permit. You must apply for an individual permit instead.

2. Read the Aquaculture General Permit (TXG130000) Microsoft Word Document to make sure it applies to your situation.

a. If the general permit does NOT apply, you must apply for an individual permit instead.

b. If the general permit does apply, continue with item 3.

3. Determine if an application is required to obtain coverage under the general permit.

a. If you operate one of the following types of operations, you do not need to submit an application to obtain coverage under the general permit, but you must comply with the requirements of the general permit.

        • retail bait dealers;
        • discharges resulting from the production of crawfish in conjunction with rice farming;
        • ponds used as pay lakes;
        • facilities that exclusively utilize closed ponds;
        • public or commercial aquariums;
        • aquarium suppliers;
        • live fish hauling tanks;
        • any aquaculture facility that utilizes cages or other enclosures placed within public waters for the propagation or rearing of aquatic species with a harvest weight equal to or less than 10,000 pounds per year; or
        • facilities that temporarily hold and do not feed aquatic species.

b. If you operate any other type of aquaculture facility, you must submit an application to TCEQ. Continue with Item 4.

4. Apply for coverage under the general permit.

a. Submit a Notice of Intent Microsoft Word Document  (NOI) and a Core Data Form Microsoft Word Document to:

Applications Review and Processing Team MC 148

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

P.O. Box 13087

Austin, Texas 78711-3087

b. Submit the $100 application fee to online by ePay or mail to:

Financial Administrative Division Revenue Section MC 214

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

P.O. Box 13088

Austin TX 78711-3088

5. After you apply for coverage, TCEQ will review your application and send you one of the following:

a. A request for additional information, in which case you will have 30 days to respond;

b. A Denial Letter informing you that coverage has been denied (usually because the information requested was not provided); or

c. Your authorization certificate.

Authorization under the terms and conditions of this general permit begins when you are issued an authorization certificate.

6. After obtaining coverage under this permit, you will need to do the following:

a. Comply with the general permit.

b. Complete and submit the EPA's Discharge Monitoring Report Form (3320-1), as required..

c. Submit a Notice of Termination Microsoft Word Document  (NOT) when all discharges authorized by the permit are eliminated, completed, or if the operator or owner changes.

d. Pay the annual water quality fee (see Part VI of the permit).

Even if the general permit described above applies to your situation, you may request coverage under an individual permit (HTML).

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