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Wastewater Discharges from Water Treatment Plants: Am I Regulated?

Find out if your water treatment plant needs authorization under General Permit TXG640000 or an individual permit to discharge wastewater.

Conventional Water Treatment Plant General Permit

If you operate a conventional Water Treatment Plant and you plan to discharge wastewater into water in the state of Texas or land apply the wastewater adjacent to water in the state, you must have a permit authorization.

Available Coverage Options

There are two types of permits available: the Individual Permit and the conventional Water Treatment Plant General Permit TXG640000.

General Permit Coverage

PLEASE NOTE: Effective January 29, 2022, applicants must submit the application forms using the online e-permitting system or request and obtain an electronic reporting waiver. Electronic reporting waivers are not transferable and expire on the same date as the authorization to discharge.

Individual Permit Coverage

  • You must obtain an individual permit for any discharge released, if you don't qualify for authorization under the general permit or your facility generates wastewater as a result of either of the following: 
    • Reverse osmosis, ion exchange, or any other desalination process.
    • Water treatment processes regulated in Title 30, Texas Administrative Code 290.42(g), except ultraviolet light.

Contact us if you have questions about obtaining coverage for discharges from a Conventional Water Treatment Plant.