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Resources for Clean Rivers Program Partners

The Resources for Clean Rivers Program Partners page contains links and content relevant to CRP Partners.

Clean Rivers Program Guidance

CRP Guidance explains how the partners work to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Long Term Plan Adobe Acrobat PDF Document.

Task 1: Project Administration

Administrative Forms and Information - Forms and information for use by the Clean Rivers Program Partners for managing and executing their grant agreements. Includes:

  • Evaluation form for use in the annual CRP Partner and Subcontractor evaluation
  • Release of Claims form
  • Financial Status Report (FSR) forms
  • Other forms and information

Task 2: Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance & Monitoring Procedures - Information for use in preparing quality assurance project plans and managing quality assurance processes. Includes:

  • Quality Assurance Project Plan Shells
  • Data Traceability, Corrective Action Plan and Status Documents
  • Surface Water Quality Monitoring Procedures and Forms
  • Information on Laboratory Methods, Ambient Water Reporting Limits and Chlorophyll a Analysis

Task 3: Water Quality Monitoring

Coordinated Monitoring ScheduleExit the TCEQ 

Task 4: Data Management

Texas Clean Rivers Program: Data, Forms, and Map Resources - Information for use in performing data management tasks under the Clean Rivers Program. Includes:

  • Data Management Reference Guide
  • SWQMIS Map Tool
  • Monitoring Stations
  • GIS Data 

Task 6: Stakeholder Participation and Public Outreach

Stakeholder Participation in the Texas Clean Rivers Program Describes the different stakeholder involvement activities of the Clean Rivers Program.

Other Resources for Clean Rivers Program Partners

Clean Rivers Program Partner Contact List - A list of regional water authorities that carry out the Clean Rivers Program in their respective basin(s).

Clean Rivers Program Presentations and Materials from Workshops and Meetings - Presentations, handouts, and agendas from CRP meetings.