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Hazardous Waste: The Permit Process

Requirements and procedures for obtaining permits related to the management of hazardous wastes.

If you are required to obtain a hazardous waste permit under state rules, you will start the permitting process by doing the following:

  1. Contact TCEQ staff well before you apply for the permit. (This is not a requirement, but is highly recommended.) Our staff will help you determine:
    • whether you need a permit
    • if so, what type
    • what information you must include in your permit application package
  2. Complete and submit a permit application package. A typical permit application package includes these items:
  3. Send the check (payable to the TCEQ) for your application fee to the TCEQ Financial Administration Division. (You will include a copy of this check in the Part B application.)

Contact us if you have any questions.