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San Antonio: Latest Ozone Planning Activities

Latest events and activities related to the San Antonio area’s compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ground-level ozone.

San Antonio Attains the 1997 Eight-Hour Ozone Standard

On April 2, 2008, the EPA issued final action to designate San Antonio, along with 12 other Early Action Compact areas, as attainment for the eight-hour ozone standard, as the area met all milestones of the EAC program and demonstrated attainment of the 1997 eight-hour ozone standard by December 31, 2007 (73 FR 17897Exit the TCEQ). The effective date of this final action is April 15, 2008. Additionally, the one-hour ozone standard was revoked for the San Antonio area effective April 15, 2009.

Designating the San Antonio area as attainment for the 1997 eight-hour ozone standard means that there are no further state implementation plan requirements for the 1997 eight-hour ozone standard as long as the area continues to monitor attainment for the standard.