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Edwards Aquifer Protection Plan (EAPP) Applications Under Review

Pending EAPP applications listed by county will assist public participation in TCEQ’s review process.

To provide comments on pending EAPP applications in Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties, please contact the Austin Region Office at (512) 339-2929; in Bexar, Comal, Kinney, Medina, and Uvalde counties, please contact the San Antonio Region Office at (210) 490-3096. You may also submit comments via email to EAPP.

You may file comments within 30 days of the date an application is provided to affected jurisdictions. Applications will be removed at the end of the 30-day comment period.

Rules: Title 30, Texas Administrative Code 213.4(a)(2)Exit the TCEQ and 213.23(a)(2)Exit the TCEQ

The Plan Name files are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

Plan Name Status Location Comment End
No applications currently pending review.
Plan Name Status Location Comment End
Plan Name Status Location Comment End
No applications currently pending review.
Plan Name Status Location Comment End
CR 176 at RM 2243 11001763 MapExit the TCEQ 11/21/2019
Shell Road Sidewalk Improvements 11001765 MapExit the TCEQ 11/21/2019
Pinnacle Montessori Academy Georgetown 11001767 MapExit the TCEQ 11/21/2019
Santa Rita Ranch Phase 1 Section 16 11001769
MapExit the TCEQ 11/24/2019
Hairy Man Road 11001771 MapExit the TCEQ 11/24/2019
CWS Brushy Creek 11001772
MapExit the TCEQ 11/28/2019
N East Street 11001774 MapExit the TCEQ 11/28/2019
ARC Liberty Hill 11001775 MapExit the TCEQ 11/28/2019
Cypress Creek Office Building 11001776 MapExit the TCEQ 11/28/2019
Yaupon Professional Park 11001777 MapExit the TCEQ 11/28/2019
Bryson Phase 11 Section 1 11001778 MapExit the TCEQ 12/01/2019
Walmart Supercenter 475 11001783 MapExit the TCEQ 12/03/2019
Walmart Supercenter 1303 11001784 MapExit the TCEQ 12/03/2019
Walmart Supercenter 1129 11001785 MapExit the TCEQ 12/03/2019
Clear Creek Ranch 11001787
MapExit the TCEQ 12/05/2019
Parkside Crossing 11001789
MapExit the TCEQ 12/05/2019
Great Oaks Dr Improvements at Brushy Creek Rd 11001793 MapExit the TCEQ 12/08/2019
Gabriels Grove Business Park 11001794 MapExit the TCEQ 12/08/2019
Broadstone La Frontera 11001797
MapExit the TCEQ 12/08/2019
Twin Lakes Park 11001799 MapExit the TCEQ 12/12/2019
Berry Creek Highlands 11001800 MapExit the TCEQ 12/12/2019
Cintas Parking Expansion 11001801 MapExit the TCEQ 12/12/2019
Microchem Lab 11001802 MapExit the TCEQ 12/13/2019
Bonnett Tract 11001804 MapExit the TCEQ 12/15/2019
Marcelos Ronald Reagan Concrete Plant 11001805 MapExit the TCEQ 12/15/2019
3651 N IH 35 Retail 11001806 MapExit the TCEQ 12/15/2019
Stonewall Ranch Section 9 11001807 MapExit the TCEQ 12/19/2019
Republic Metal Supply 11001809 MapExit the TCEQ 12/19/2019
Dollar General Georgetown 11001810 MapExit the TCEQ 12/19/2019
Aspen Lake Three 11001812 MapExit the TCEQ 12/19/2019
CSW Bell Boulevard 11001813 MapExit the TCEQ 12/19/2019