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Radioactive Waste Disposal: Remediation/Decommissioning

Process to follow to close a facility that had received radioactive materials for disposal. Links to TCEQ's remediation/decommissioning rules, guidance document, and to federal guidance documents.

The goal of decommissioning a facility that has been used for the storage or disposal of radioactive waste is cleaning up the structures, soil, groundwater, and any other components of the site as necessary to protect human health and the environment. In other words, the level of radioactivity must be reduced until each remaining radionuclide is at or below the corresponding regulatory level.

To make sure you comply with State rulesExit the TCEQ when cleaning up or decommissioning one of these facilities, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Radioactive Materials Division as far in advance as you can. We can help you determine whether you need a license and, if so, provide you with the appropriate application package.
  2. If necessary, complete and submit the application package:
    • a signed original and five complete copies of form TCEQ-10052, Application for License to Possess Disposed Radioactive Material and Decommission the Inactive Site. Contact The Radioactive Materials Division for TCEQ-10052 form and instructions.
    • a map and cross-referenced list of adjacent landowners (include an electronic mailing list on CD or DVD in Microsoft Office Word 2016 or totally compatible format)
    • the application fee (submit this fee and a copy of page 1 of the application to our Financial Administration Division)

In this application, you will outline a decommissioning plan for our staff to review. In developing this plan, you might find these publications to be helpful:

can be used to find EPA documents

After you have received our approval of your plan, the cleanup activities may begin. When the cleanup is complete, you must submit proof that remaining radionuclides are at or below regulatory levels.

At this point, our staff will conduct a confirmatory closeout survey to determine whether the cleanup has achieved “as low as reasonably achievable” (ALARA) levels as defined in Title 30 Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC) Section 336.2Exit the TCEQ and, if so, whether the site may be released with one of these ratings:

If our staff determines that either the cleanup has not achieved this goal or too little information is available to tell, our executive director may require you to perform additional work and submit results which demonstrate that the facilities and land are suitable for release.

Contact the Radioactive Materials Division if you have any questions.