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Inspection and Enforcement of Radioactive Material Licenses

Agency compliance inspection and enforcement requirements for In Situ Uranium Mining and Recovery and Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) Disposal Programs and how to make a complaint.


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Critical Infrastructure Division (CID), Radioactive Materials Compliance Program inspects each facility regulated by the TCEQ that is licensed to handle, process, store, or dispose of radioactive materials and permitted to conduct solution mining (i.e., Uranium and Sulfur mining). License inspections at the uranium mining and recovery and LLRW disposal facilities are conducted annually.

For permitted uranium mining and recovery facilities that have ceased operations temporary, inspections may be conducted annually or every two years. For the licensed/permitted facilities that are not constructed to start operations, inspections may be conducted every two years.

Follow-up inspections are conducted, as necessary. The Radioactive Material License inspection reports filed under the facility’s license number are maintained at the TCEQ Central Records, CID, or Radioactive Materials Division in Austin, Texas. Underground Injection Control (UIC) permit inspection reports related to the Class III solution mining facilities filed under the facility's permit number are maintained at the TCEQ Central Records and CID.

If the Radioactive Material License inspection or UIC permit inspection reveals violations, applicable license and permit conditions and/or applicable rules are enforced as described in Title 30, Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC), Chapter 336   30 TAC, Chapter 331   , and the document titled  The TCEQ Has Inspected Your Business. What Does This Mean to You?


If you have any questions about the terms of a facility’s license/permit or the related rules, contact the Radioactive Materials Division. If you have questions about a facility that is under formal enforcement, contact our Enforcement Division.


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