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Radioactive Material Processing and Storage

Application forms and regulatory guidance for applying for a license to process or store radioactive by-product material.

The Radioactive Material Licensing Section at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality licenses commercial radioactive waste processors that may receive waste for storage, or perform some type of processing service for the waste generator (i.e., stabilizing to meet final disposal-acceptance criteria, decontaminating equipment, etc.).

The types and quantities of radioactive material and processes authorized in your license will vary depending on the activities you request, and on safety and financial qualifications.

Application Process

Contact our Radioactive Material Licensing Section before applying for the license to process or store radioactive waste. Our staff will help you determine your fee for applying and what you need to complete your application.

Generally, you will need to include these items:

  • Seven copies of the license application, TCEQ Form 20460
    • Include on the application all pertinent general and specific technical and environmental requirements and financial information, as described in Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 336 Subchapter MExit the TCEQ
  • The license application fee. The fee for these activities is based on an annual amount, the “Class” requested and the number of billable addresses. The fee may include a 5 percent license surcharge.

TCEQ Two-Step Review

When we receive a license application to process or store radioactive waste, we review it in two steps:

  1. Administrative Review. Staff will check to make sure the license application is complete. If not, we will send you a Notice of Deficiency letter describing what information we need by a specified date. We may return your application if deficiencies are not addressed before that date. For new licenses, major amendments, and renewals, the TCEQ will issue public notices and one or more public meetings may take place, depending upon the level of public interest .
  2. Technical Review. We will review and evaluate the technical aspects of the license application. We may send you a Technical Notice of Deficiency requesting additional information. If we don’t receive the information by the date requested, the application may be returned. We will issue public notices in all instances except for administrative amendments, and, as above, one or more public meetings may take place..

After the TCEQ review process, you will have the opportunity to review and provide comments on the initial draft license. Once the TCEQ has reviewed all applicant comments and made changes accordingly, you must publish a notice in a local and widely distributed newspaper to inform the public. The public may provide comments or request a public meeting or hearing. The Commissioners of the TCEQ will make a final determination to deny or issue the license.


“Waste processor facility” is defined in the rules under 30 TAC 336, Subchapter MExit the TCEQ , “Licensing of Radioactive Substances Processing and Storage Facilities.” Other applicable rules appear in 30 TAC Chapter 336, Subchapters A, B, C, D, E and GExit the TCEQ .

For more information, see the TCEQ rules for radioactive waste disposal.

Other Resources

The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors maintains these and other lists of commercial servicesExit the TCEQ :

Please contact the Radioactive Materials Section if you have questions.