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Generators of Used Oil

Basic requirements for those who generate Used Oil.

Used oil generators can be service stations, governments, businesses, or anyone who changes their own oil. Used oil generators do not need to register or report their used oil recycling activities to the TCEQ. Used oil generators must comply with the following:

  • Store used oil in containers in good condition and labeled "used oil."
  • Respond to a release of used oil immediately by stopping the release, containing the release, and cleaning up and properly managing the used oil release and other materials.
  • Maintain records on the recycling or disposal of used oil.

Used oil generators who transport 55 gallons or less of used oil in their own vehicle or an employee's vehicle to a used oil collection center, or to a used oil aggregation point do not need to register as a transporter. If you change your own oil, you can transport up to five gallons of used oil.

Retailers who sell more than 500 gallons of oil directly to the public must post Recycling Your Used Oil & Used Oil Filters (GI-170) to inform the public not to dispose of used oil or used oil filters improperly.

For more information about recycling other automotive waste, see Fleet Maintenance.