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Used Oil Handlers

Requirements for handling used oil, including used oil transporters, used oil processors, re-refiners, and burners of off-specification used oil.

Used oil handlers are used oil transporters, transfer facilities, processors/re-refiners, and burners of off-specification used oil. If you are a used oil handler you must register one time through the TCEQ using the Used Oil Handler and/or Used Oil Filter Handlers Form (TCEQ-10062).

You are required to provide proof of financial responsibility upon registration.

A used oil transporter collects and transports used oil generated by themselves or by others. If you are a generator and you transport 55 gallons or less of used oil in your own vehicle or an employee's vehicle to a used oil collection center, or to a used oil aggregation point, you are not required to register as a transporter. If you own or operate a facility where shipments of used oil are held for more than 24 hours and less than 35 days, you should register as a used oil transfer facility.

If you are involved in chemical or physical operations designed to (1) produce fuel oils, lubricants, or other products derived from used oil; or (2) make used oil more suitable for production of these products, you should register as a used oil processor/re-refiner. Also, if you store used oil more than 35 days, you should register as a used oil processor/re-refiner. Used oil processors/re-refiners need to report every two years on the amount of used oil processed the previous two years.

You should register as a burner of off-specification used oil if you have used oil that does not meet the used oil fuel specification requirement and must be burned in an industrial furnace, boiler, or hazardous waste incinerator. There are no reporting requirements.

For more information, see Used Oil Recycling Handbook: Guidance for Used Oil Handlers (RG-325).