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Applying for Coverage under General Permit WQG200000

Steps to follow when applying for coverage under General Permit WQG200000 for the disposal of wastewater generated from livestock manure compost operations.

If you own or operate a facility that composts livestock manure that is hauled in from elsewhere, before you dispose of wastewater from that operation adjacent to any water in the state of Texas, you must:

    • Read General Permit (WQG200000)Adobe Acrobat PDF Document to make sure it applies to your situation. The Fact Sheet Adobe Acrobat PDF Document is available. (Help with PDF.)

      • If the general permit does not apply, you might need to obtain an individual permit.

      • If the general permit does apply, continue with Step 2.

    • Review your facility’s compliance history ranking:

      • If your facility has a ranking of “high performer”, “satisfactory performer,” or "inadequate information," continue to Step 3.

      • If the compliance history ranking is “unsatisfactory performer,” then your facility is not eligible for coverage under a general permit. You must apply for an individual permit instead.

If you wish to apply for coverage under this general permit, submit a notification package, which includes:

    • An Application Fee ($100) submitted to:
  • Financial Administrative Division Revenue Section MC 214
    Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
    P.O. Box 13088
    Austin TX 78711-3088

    or paid online by ePay.

  • If you qualify for coverage under this general permit but would rather have an individual permit, you may request coverage under an individual permit instead.

Provisional coverage under this general permit begins 48 hours after the NOI is postmarked.

We will review the NOI and will take one of the following actions:

  • If everything is acceptable, we will send you an acknowledgment letter to authorize your coverage.

  • If information is incomplete or missing, we will send you a letter requesting the needed information. You will have 30 days to respond to this request.

  • If coverage has been denied, we will send you a denial letter.

You must keep a copy of the NOI and the acknowledgement certificate onsite.

Remember: Even if your operation no longer discharges wastewater, permit coverage will remain active until you request termination. If your coverage is active September 1 of any given year, you will owe a water quality fee for that year.

If you have questions, please see our Contact Page.