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Ozone Data

Current and historical measurements of ozone air pollution in Texas.

Current Texas Ozone Levels

Map showing latest ozone levels in metropolitan areas across Texas.

Daily Maximum Eight-Hour Ozone Averages

Maximum eight-hour ozone averages measured daily from yesterday back to 1997.

Eight-Hour Ozone High-Value Days

Averages that meet or exceed 85 parts per billion ozone. Data available from one hour ago back to 1997.

Four Highest Eight-Hour Ozone Concentrations

Calculated from TCEQ monitoring site data available from today back to 1997.

High One-Hour Ozone Values

Measurements of high one-hour ozone concentrations.

High Ozone in Your Metro Area

Table that summarizes high one-hour averages greater than 125 ppb and eight-hour ozone averages greater than 76 ppb in Texas metropolitan areas.

Hourly Air Pollution Data by Day, Month, or Year

Search for air quality data collected on a specific day, during a particular month, or a definite year and at a specific TCEQ air monitoring site.

Ozone Hourly Averages (and Other Air Pollutants)

The hourly average concentration of ozone measured an hour ago back to 1997.

Peak Daily One-Hour Ozone Averages

Maximum one-hour ozone averages measured daily from yesterday back to 1996.

Texas Cities' Compliance with Eight-Hour Ozone Standard

Report for the fourth-highest daily maximum eight-hour average ozone concentrations in Texas Metropolitan areas.