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Air PBR 106.359: Planned Maintenance, Startup, and Shutdown at Oil and Gas Handling and Production Facilities

Planned maintenance, startup, and shutdown at oil and gas handling and production facilities is permitted by rule if it meets the conditions in Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Sections 106.4 and 106.359. No registration or fee is required.


This PBR is used to authorize planned maintenance, startup, and shutdown (MSS) activities at oil and gas production sites. Historically, MSS activities have not specifically required authorization. However, January 5, 2014, is the deadline for oil and gas sites to authorize planned MSS emissions.


This PBR authorizes emissions from planned MSS activities at oil and gas handling and production sites. Planned MSS activities are part of normal operations, have predictable timing, and emit the same type of emissions as production emissions. To use this PBR you must meet the:

This PBR only authorizes emissions from planned MSS, and should be used in addition to a construction authorization for your oil and gas production emissions. Common authorizations for oil and gas include:

If you cannot meet the conditions of this rule, then you may need to revise your oil and gas construction authorization to include planned MSS. You can contact the Air Permits Division at 512-239-1250.

How to Get Authorized

This PBR does not require registration with the TCEQ.

To claim this PBR, you must develop and implement a maintenance program, keep records, and use best management practices to minimize emissions. To demonstrate the date the PBR was claimed, print a copy of the PBR, then sign and date it.

Guidance and Tools

In conjunction with the Oil and Gas Maintenance, Startup, and Shutdown (MSS) Permit by Rule (PBR), the oil and gas team has assembled several tools to assist with compliance. The TCEQ is always seeking comment and input on improving or clarifying guidance and tools. Please feel free to send any questions and comments to

In certain cases, a PBR registration or claim should be certified. For example, once you calculate your site-wide emissions including planned MSS and production emissions, you may want to establish a federally enforceable limit or certify that total site-wide emissions below the limits in 30 TAC 106.4. If you choose to certify, you can do so online using STEERS or the hard copy of the form APD-CERT (TCEQ-10489).

Registration is not required. However, you may choose to register for this PBR, and pay the associated fees. For instructions and payment info, see Claiming a Permit by Rule.

Additional Resources

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