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Applying for a Radioactive Material License

Forms to be used by all persons or businesses who wish to handle, process, store radioactive waste, or recover source material in Texas.

Who Needs a Radioactive Material License from the TCEQ?

A radioactive material license is needed by all persons or businesses who wish to do any of the following in the State of Texas:

  • source material (uranium) recovery,
  • radioactive waste processing and storage,
  • commercial by-product material disposal,
  • low-level radioactive waste disposal,
  • disposal of NORM waste from public water systems, and
  • alternative methods of disposal (for example, above-ground radioactive waste disposal)

Note that the Department of State Health Services - Radiation Control Program  also issues radioactive material licenses. Please check with them to ensure that you have all radioactive material licenses which may be required by your business.

How to Obtain a License

To obtain a license to handle, process, store radioactive waste, or recover source material in Texas, complete and submit these items:

  • General Application for Radioactive Material License.UPDATE(Revised May 30, 2024) The form is broken down into parts A and B:
    • Part A covers applicant information, facility and source information, type of license action requested, license fee information, public notice information, delinquent fees and penalties, and applicant signature.
    • Part B covers additional technical information that is required as part of the application under Texas Health & Safety Code Chapter 401 and Title 30 Texas Administrative Code 305.45, 305.54, 336.205, 336.207, 336.613, 336.615, 336.704-11, 336.1007, 336.1109, 336.1111, 336.1211, and 336.1213, as applicable. This information must be submitted according to applicable requirements of the Texas Engineering Practice Act, the Texas Geoscience Practice Act, and the Professional Land Surveying Practices Act.
  • Radioactive Material License Payment Submission Form. Application fees are based on the type of license being requested, as well as the license action (for example, amendment). The amounts required for different application fees are found in 30 TAC 336.105 . This form is for application fees only — do not use it to pay annual fees.