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Updating the Delivery Certificate when Ownership Changes

How to obtain a new delivery certificate after buying or receiving a UST facility from its previous owner. Must be done within 30 days of transfer---even sooner, if the current certificate expires before then.

When you buy a service station or other facility that has underground petroleum storage tanks, you should be aware of the rules for:

Continuing to Operate with the Previous Owner's Delivery Certificate

As long as the previous owner's delivery certificate has not yet expired, you may continue to use it for fuel deliveries for up to 30 days from the date of the purchase OR until the certificate expires (whichever occurs first).

If the previous owner's delivery certificate has already expired, then you will not be able to receive fuel deliveries until you receive your own delivery certificate and have posted it at the facility.

Getting Your Own Delivery Certificate

To obtain your new initial delivery certificate for this facility, you must:

Complete the following sections of form TCEQ-0724, UST Registration and Self-Certification Form:

  • 1. Tank Owner Information
  • 2. Facility Information
  • 3. Tank Operator Information
  • 4. Reason for This Filing (Part A2 and B1)
  • 5. TCEQ Programs in Which This Regulated Entity Participates
  • 6. Operator Training
  • 7. Self-Certification of Compliance with UST Requirements
  • 8. Financial Assurance Information
  • 9. Tank Owner/Operator Self-Certification
  • 10. Tank Owner/Operator Registration, and
  • 12. Tank Identification/Description (to assign tank ID numbers)                                                                               
  • If no previous owner ever had a delivery certificate, then you must also complete section 13.
  • 13. UST System Technical Information (to provide technical information about this facility's UST system)

Within 30 days of taking ownership of the facility, submit your completed form TCEQ-0724 to the TCEQ PST Registration Program.

Paying Annual UST Fees

You will not owe UST fees for your new facility until the corresponding invoice has been mailed to you.

Renewing Your Initial Delivery Certificate

You must renew your delivery certificate before it expires each year. When your new certificate arrives, make note of the expiration date on the certificate. Its expiration date is determined by the last digit of your official TCEQ owner identification number. You can determine the expiration date and when your renewal is due by the table in our renewal Web page.