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Renewing a PST Delivery Certificate

How to renew the delivery certificate for underground storage tanks at your facility each year.

Each year, owners or operators of regulated underground petroleum storage tanks (USTs) must renew their facility's delivery certificate to continue to receive fuel deliveries.

How Do I Renew My Certificate?

To renew your facility's delivery certificate:

Follow the instructions below to ensure that your renewal form has the required information.

    • Make sure to include the tank id numbers when filling out the Self-Certification of Compliance with UST Requirements (section 7 of the TCEQ-00724).
    • Include your Financial Assurance Information. You must provide proof of current financial assurance when you renew your registration.
    • Indicate where you want the delivery certificate mailed (section 9 of the TCEQ-00724).
    • If any tank information (sections 11-13 of the TCEQ-00724) has changed, you must also complete each affected section.
    • Make sure the owner of the facility has paid all fees due to TCEQ, including any late fees, penalties, or interest. TCEQ will no longer issue, amend, or renew permits, registrations, certifications, or licenses to an entity or person who is delinquent on penalties or fees.

Submit the online renewal or completed form TCEQ-00724 in time for it to arrive at the TCEQ by the date shown in the table in the When is My Renewal Due? section of this page (no later than 30 days before your current certificate expires.)

When Will My Certificate Expire?

The easiest way to find your expiration date is on the upper right corner of your current delivery certificate. Per 30 Texas Administrative Code 334.10(b)(1)(C)(v) , you must maintain and post your delivery certificate on the facility premises. The delivery certificate must be visible to the person(s) performing deliveries to the UST system.

Right-hand corner of an underground petroleum storage tank delivery certificate showing that the certificate expires on the last day of April 2023.

Alternatively, you can use the last digit of the owner identification number to determine the expiration date for the certificate. The facility’s Notice of Tank Registration lists the owner id on the upper left side of the notice. The Renewal Schedule below shows when the certificate will expire based on the owner number.

The top section of a petroleum storage tank registration certificate showing the owner identification number on the left side.

When is My Renewal Due?

Your certificate expires on the last day of:

If the owner number ends in:

We must receive your renewal form by:

You must post your new delivery certificate on:



January 2

February 1



January 30

March 1



March 2

April 1



April 1

May 1



May 2

June 1



June 1

July 1



July 2

August 1



August 2

September 1



September 1

October 1



October 2

November 1

As a courtesy, we send a renewal reminder letter to either the owner or operator of a regulated UST. Where we mail the renewal reminder depends the submitter’s selection for the "Role of the Certifier" field in STEERS or in Section 9 of the 00724 form for the prior renewal. However, you must submit a complete renewal application by the deadline in the When is My Renewal Due? table whether or not you receive a renewal reminder.

To receive a reminder letter, at least one tank status must be currently in use. If all the tank statuses on the registration are temporarily out of service, TCEQ will not send the facility a reminder letter.