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General Permit Requirements for the Discharge of Petroleum Contaminated Water

Steps to determine if you qualify for and how to obtain coverage under the general permit TXG830000, which authorizes certain discharges of petroleum contaminated water in Texas. Links to forms and relevant guidance.

Renewal of the Petroleum Contaminated Water General Permit No. TXG830000

TCEQ has renewed the Petroleum Contaminated Water General Permit TXG830000. The reissued permit has an effective date of September 12, 2023. Existing permittees have until December 11, 2023, to submit a new Notice of Intent under the reissued general permit.

2023 Renewal documents:

Before discharging water contaminated by petroleum substances into or adjacent to any water in the state (HTML) of Texas, you must:

  1. Read the general permit ( TXG830000) to make sure it applies to your discharge.

    • If the general permit does not apply, you may need to obtain an individual permit.

    • However, if the general permit does apply, continue with Step 2.

  2. Review your facility's compliance history ranking :

    • If your facility has a ranking of "high," "satisfactory," or "inadequate information" continue to Step 3.

    • If the compliance history ranking is "unsatisfactory," then your facility is not eligible for coverage under a general permit. You must apply for an individual permit instead.

  3. Submit a notification package, which includes:

If you are discharging to a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems, you must submit a copy of the NOI, NOC, and/or NOT to the operator of that system at the same time submittal is made to the TCEQ.

Provisional coverage under this general permit begins 48 hours after the postmarked date of the NOI.

After TCEQ review, you will receive one of the following:

  • An Acknowledgment Letter providing authorization for coverage,

  • A Notice of Deficiency (NOD), requesting additional information with 30 days to respond;

  • A Denial Letter informing you that coverage has been denied (usually the result of information requested in the NOD not being provided).

After obtaining coverage under this general permit you should:

  • Obtain a copy of General Permit TXG830000 and adhere to the requirements of the permit.

  • Complete and submit the Discharge Monitoring Report Form (3320-1) which will be mailed to you by the TCEQ’s Enforcement Division.

  • Submit a Notice of Change (NOC) if the owner or operator becomes aware that it failed to submit any relevant facts, submitted incorrect information in an NOI or previously submitted information has changed.

  • Submit a Notice of Termination (NOT) when all discharges authorized by the permit are eliminated, completed, or if the operator or owner changes.

The permit coverage continues to be active until a NOT is submitted. Annual water quality fees will accrue on September 1st of each year that the permit is active.

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