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Applying for a Uranium Recovery Radioactive Material License

Forms and regulatory guidance for submitting an application for an in-situ uranium recovery facility.


To help with your application, see the guidance documents on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)Exit the TCEQ website. NUREG-1569, “Standard Review Plan for In Situ Leach Uranium Extraction License Applications"Exit the TCEQ is a comprehensive guidance document used for in-situ uraniumrecovery facility license applications.

In your application, address all administrative, financial, and technical requirements of Texas Administrative CodeExit the TCEQ.

You may find it helpful to review some sample technical reports and previous license applications submitted to the TCEQ. Visit the TCEQ Main Offices in the Radioactive Materials Section file room on the first floor of Building F.

To apply for a license, please submit the General Application for a Radioactive Material License Microsoft Word Document.

For payment of application fees, please use the Radioactive Material License Payment Submittal Form Microsoft Word Document.

Other important documents that help ensure protection of site workers and the public include:

If you have any questions, contact the Radioactive Materials Division.