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Tier II Chemical Reporting

Find out if and when you must report stored hazardous chemicals and how to create, submit, and pay for reports.
  • New Information The Tier II Online Reporting System is now available and all 2018 Tier II reports will need to be submitted using it. See the comprehensive User Guide for guidance on all steps.
  • New Information 2018 Tier II Annual reports will be due March 1st, 2019. Submit reports using the newly released Tier II Online Reporting System. 
  • New Information All customers submitting a Tier II report will be required to use a valid customer number (CN), regulated entity number (RN), and TXT2 number.
  • New Information The Tier II Reporting Program will no longer be able to accept paper Core Data Forms (TCEQ-10400).
  • UPDATE Many of the more common issues people have been encountering with the new system are addressed in this Common Tier 2 Reporting IssuesAdobe Acrobat PDF Document document.

How to Report

Links to pages to help you create, submit, and pay for your reports.

Reporting Steps

1: Types of Reports and Their Deadlines
2: Setting Up STEERS
3: Tier II Core Data
4: Tier II Reporting
5: Paying Fees
6: Accessing & Submitting Reports