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Tier II Chemical Reporting

Find out if and when you must report stored hazardous chemicals and how to create, submit, and pay for reports.

  • All Tier II Reports must be submitted using the online Tier II Reporting system available through STEERS.
  • Annual Tier II Reports are available to be started on January 1st, and will be due March 1st. See here for other reporting deadlines.
  • See our Online Reporting Help page for useful guidance, including video recordings of the 2020 Annual Training classes.
  • UPDATE 2020 Annual Training Class registrations are now available. All trainings will be held online through the Microsoft Teams application.

How to Report

Links to pages to help you create, submit, and pay for your reports.

Reporting Steps

1: Types of Reports and Their Deadlines
2: Setting Up STEERS
3: Tier II Core Data
4: Tier II Reporting
5: Paying Fees
6: Accessing & Submitting Reports