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Surface Water Quality: Data and Maps

Access data, maps, and map-based viewers related to surface water quality

TCEQ monitoring stations NS parameters, data management, and data collected by other agencies.


  • Data and Maps
    Texas stream segments, 303(d) listed waters, and river basins, including GIS data.

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Database and Assessment

  • Database: Surface Water Quality
    View and download sample data from the TCEQ's Surface Water Quality Monitoring Information System (SWQMIS).
  • Texas Surface Water Quality Viewer
    Look up uses, standards, and information on water-quality assessment for bodies of surface water in Texas. Search using a Texas map, by the name of a body of water, or by its segment number.

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Real-Time Data from Continuous Monitoring Stations

Data associated with monitoring stations collecting data daily, at regular intervals.

  • Stations and Data
    Information from stations continuously monitoring water quality, by river basin
  • Water-Parameter Averages (Data by day by parameter)
    Hourly averages are calculated from data collected every 15 minutes.
  • Data for Specific Monitoring Stations
    • Daily: Hourly averages of all water-quality parameters by station.
    • Monthly: A summary of hourly averages by parameter.
    • Yearly: A summary of hourly averages by parameter.
  • Site Information (table)
    See site photos, maps, parameters monitored, current measurements, latitude and longitude, and elevation. The user may sort by Continuous Ambient Monitoring Station (CAMS) number, city, river basin, elevation, or responsible entity.

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Data from the Texas Clean Rivers Program

  • Data, Forms, and Map Resources
    Download raw data on water quality (in text format) and information on monitoring stations. Search for monitoring-parameter codes by code or by description.

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Data from Other Agencies

Fish-consumption advisories and closures, fish kills, spills, toxicity monitoring, and volunteer monitoring.

Collecting and Managing Data

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