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Forms and Checklists for Submitting Plans or Specifications for Public Water Systems

For submitting plans or specifications for review, please use the following forms and checklists:

If you want to submit your plans for review, please see the Information on how to make your Plan Review Submittal for additional help.

Forms and Instructions

  • Cementing Certificate (TCEQ-20842) PDF / Word Word
  • Core Data Form (for new systems) (TCEQ-10400)
  • Public Water System Plan Review Submittal Form (TCEQ-10233) PDF / Word Word
  • Financial Ability Form (TCEQ-20841) PDF / Word Word
  • Sanitary Control Easement Form (TCEQ-20698) PDF / Word Word
  • Microbial Report Form (TCEQ-10525) PDF


  • As-Built Plan Checklist PDF / Word Word
  • Chemical Storage and Feed Facilities Checklist  PDF / Word Word
  • Chloramine Checklist  PDF / Word Word
  • Corrosivity Engineering Report PDF 
  • Disinfection Checklist PDF / Word Word
  • Interconnection Between Two Public Water Systems Checklist  PDF / Word Word
  • Membrane Construction Checklist - Step 1  PDF / Word Word
  • Membrane Use Checklist - Step 2 PDF / Word Word
  • New Proposed Public Water System Checklist PDFWord Word
  • Pressure Tank Construction Checklist  PDF / Word Word
  • Proposed Public Water Supply Well/Spring - Step 1  PDF / Word Word
  • Surface Water Plant Checklist - Step 1  PDF / Word Word
  • Surface Water Plant Checklist - Step 2  PDF / Word Word
  • Surface Water Source and Intake Checklist  PDF / Word Word
  • Water Distribution Construction Checklist  PDF / Word Word
  • Water Hauler Use Checklist  PDF / Word Word
  • Water Storage Tank Construction Checklist PDF / Word Word
  • New Version: Well Completion Data Checklist For Approval To Use - Step 2  PDF / Word Word

Effective June 1, 2023, the Well Completion Data Checklist for Approval to Use (Step 2) requires raw water free ammonia sampling. Please refer to the checklist for additional information and guidance on sample analysis.

Suggested Construction Notes to Support Plan Review

Including these items will help you ensure your plans and specifications include all the necessary information and will reduce the likelihood that you will need to resubmit your plans.

Guidance and Well Information

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